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Hey everyone. I’m sorry for being a bit quiet here on the blog this week. With our move just a week away, I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out all the logistics. You know what I mean – changing address, decluttering, making to-do lists. It’s been CRAZY around here. I can’t wait until we are moved in and all unpacked. 

That being said, I promise you that once the move is over, I will be posting much more frequently! Most likely 4-5x per week again. I have a few home related posts already planned, including a tour of our new master bedroom, bathroom and foyer. Stay tuned because I know you’ll enjoy them. 

Until then, let’s get into my Friday Favorites! Side note: don’t forget to take the 2016 Simply Nicole reader survey so I can get a better idea on the types of posts you guys like reading. 

Whole Foods Flowers

1. Whole Foods Flowers

I want to preface this post by saying this is NOT sponsored. I genuinely, absolutely love buying flowers at Whole Foods. Anytime I need to purchase a bouquet for a friend or family member, I always check Whole Foods first. They seem to have the best selection, and the employees are so helpful.

When I purchase a bouquet, I never buy a pre-made one. NEVER EVER. For whatever reason, they tend to be quite generic and boring. They always remind me of the crappy bouquets you get at any grocery store or street corner {If you live in Philly, you know what I’m talking about.}

Here’s what I do: I grab two or three bouquets. Sometimes they are different types of flowers and other times I’ll grab two or three of the same. For example, I’ll pick up three separate bouquets of tulips, sunflowers and baby breath and ask the sales associate to create one bouquet of them. I like having the option to create my own unique gift instead of picking up whatever is already available. I feel like the gift is more personal.

Usually though, I like giving people a bouquet of all the same flower. Just a personal preference. I’ll pick up two or three tulip bouquets and create one large bouquet. I always ask the sales associate to wrap them up for me in brown paper and to add a twine bow. It’s all in the details people! No matter what I decide, they always look phenomenal! Whole Foods is literally the best when it comes to flowers. 

kevita drinks

2. Probiotic Drinks

You guys… I’ve talked about these drinks in the past, but I wanted to mention them again in this week’s Friday Favorites. The Kevita Probiotic drinks are absolutely delicious and really help with digestion issues. I buy mine from Whole Foods and Wegmans, but you can also pick them up from Walmart, CVS and Acme. They are organic and non-GMO, and help your body absorb nutrients. They are GREAT if you suffer from digestive issues like me.

This week I tried the mango coconut flavor, which is super good. I think I still prefer the lemon ginger flavor, but this one is a nice alternative. If you like sweeter drinks, you’ll probably love the Mango Coconut one. If you like a more sour/zesty taste, I’d recommend the lemon ginger. Either way, they are worth trying out. 

Secrets St. James Montego Bay

3. Planning a Vacation?

Another favorite of mine this week is reminiscing about our honeymoon, and trying to plan another vacation. Bryan and I went to the Secrets resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica {see photo above} and we had an amazing time. I highly recommend Secrets to anyone looking for an all-inclusive vacation. But anyway, this week we realized that we both have a lot of vacation days to use up this year. But we don’t know where to go. We don’t want to spend a lot of money and only want to do maybe a long weekend trip {Thursday-Monday}. 

Last year we traveled a LOT, and this year not so much. So I’m looking forward to planning out next getaway ASAP! Leave your suggestions in the comments below. 

philly magazine

4. Philadelphia Magazine

My last favorite for this week is Philadelphia Magazine. Bryan’s grandmom was so sweet and bought me a year subscription recently, and I’ve been loving the issues SO much. Normally, I flip through them at the grocery store, but now that I have my own issues I love dog-earing the pages and saving them for blog post inspiration later. There is so much great content in there! If you live in the Philadelphia area and don’t already ready Philadelphia Magazine, I recommend you check it out. The issues I’ve read so far contain loads of suggestions for restaurants, bars, and activities to do in the city. Bryan and I always struggle with coming up with fun and new date ideas, so Philadelphia Magazine is a great resource for us. 

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