Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

Father’s Day is this weekend and I haven’t purchased a thing. No shocker though. I do this every single year.

My dad never wants anything for any holiday, so I don’t get any hints on things that he might need. This makes it difficult to shop for him, but I do my best to find gifts that he’ll actually use and love. 

When I procrastinate until the last minute on Father’s Day gifts, I rely on Amazon Prime. I can place an order today and I’ll get it by Thursday. Can’t beat that. You all know how much I love online shopping. Anything I can do to avoid the crazies at the mall. 

Since I know some of you probably procrastinated on a gift this year too, I’m here to help. Today, I pulled together my favorite Father’s Day gifts that you can buy on Amazon Prime. I’ve got ideas for all types of dads – the tech geek, the sporty dad, the fashionable dad, the dad on-the-go, and more. 

Happy shopping!

Father's Day Gifts 2017

1. Audible: An Audible membership might not be a traditional Father’s Day gift, but it’s incredibly practical if your dad commutes a long way to and from work. If your dad loves to read, but complains that he never has the time, definitely look into Audible. 

2. Keurig coffee maker: Bryan and I had a Keurig for years and we absolutely loved it, so I had to include it in this gift guide. This present is perfect for the dad on the go, who doesn’t have time in the morning to make a full pot of coffee. You know how Keurigs work, so no need to get all detailed here. I love this newer Keurig because it has a touchscreen which makes it SUPER simple to use – even easier than before. 

3. Ugg slippers: You can’t go wrong with Ugg slippers. Bryan and I have purchased them for my dad in the past, and he loved them so much that he wore them until there was no padding left! 

4. Swell water bottle: A good water bottle is worth its weight in gold. Swell is a great brand, because their bottles keep water cold for 24 hours. It’s crazy! And don’t worry about any kind of metallic taste. These bottles are made from premium grade stainless steel that’s non-toxic and BPA free. 

5. Chocolate covered cherries: My dad is the biggest fan of chocolate covered cherries. In fact, I buy him a box of Cella’s {a brand you can get at most grocery stores} every year, because they are his absolute favorite. If you want to get a bit more fancy though, definitely check out these ones by GoDiva. They come in the traditional GoDiva gold gift box, so no need to wrap them yourself. 

6. Beer making kit: If your dad loves beer and also enjoys DIY projects, definitely look into getting him a beer making kit. This one is $50, and is a fun gift that everyone can enjoy.

7. Nike sneakers: Sneakers are a great present for dads, because it’s something they probably need but wouldn’t splurge on for themselves. These Nikes are stylish, affordable, and will last for a while. They come in a bunch of different colors, so I’m sure you’ll find a pair that your dad will like. 

8. Leather cord organizer: My dad throws everything in his backpack for work, including his earbuds. I know they get tangled and he can never find them, so a leather cord organizer is something he’ll reach for every single day. 

9. Citizen’s watch: Watches can be expensive. Not every dad can afford a Rolex, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy him a high quality watch. Citizen is a trusted brand that isn’t too pricey. I love this one because it has a brown leather band and silver face that can be worn for any occasion. 

10. Tile Mate: If you’ve never heard of the Tile Mate before, this will blow your mind. It’s a little square tile that you attach to your keys. It’s synced with an app on your phone, so whenever you lose your keys, you can find them! How cool is that? You can attach the Tile Mate to whatever you want. If you’re dad is a bit forgetful {like my dad}, this gift is something he’ll definitely use. 

11. Bar set: Every guy needs a bar set – if not for himself then for entertaining purposes! I like this one from Murries Place because it has all the essentials and comes with a wooden organizing stand. 

12. Drone: If your dad is a kid at heart, a drone is the perfect present for him. My dad’s fiancé bought him a drone a couple years ago and he still talks about it. 

13. Amazon Echo: My dad isn’t very tech-y, but this is a present even he can appreciate. The Amazon Echo is incredibly easy to use and your dad will have a blast asking Alexa to do things like play music, search Google, and order pizza for him. 

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